Lithuania: MyMagic enter with All-Eurovision lyrics

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MyMagic enter this year's Lithuanian preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest with Lady, a song written by Greek Gorgi aka Georgios Kalpakides and penned by German Stefan Engel. Lasy is a tender ballad with a twist! All the lyrics of the song come from past Eurovision hits most Eurofans will recognise. MyMagic, Gorgi and Stefan spoke to us about themselves and their song which competes tomorrow in the third and last Lithuanian heat.

"MyMagic is romantic pop band with its own ideology." say Vilius Tamosaitis and Julija of MyMagic. "It is not a new project. The band is trying to reach the Eurovision Song contest for the third time. We are two artists who care about the quality, professionalism and human emotions. Most of bands' songs are lyrical. We like to sing lyrical songs because this way you can share your heart, your feelings and emotions with others. This is the way you can make people feel good. Our magic is the magic which makes others feel fine. Everybody who likes us can say "It's my magic". To make a person feel happy it is also a kind of magic." caught up with the band as well as the composer and the lyricist of Lady who gave us their views on the song and spoke about themselves and their music.

Jujija spoke to us about the song and about the great effort the team has put in for the presentation of the song on Saturday. She revealed that they are going to make use of Gluk technology, something that has never been used for this purpose before in a Lithuanian final.

You can read the interviews here in our Specials section.

You can listen to Lady here .

And here are the lyrics:

Another summer night, Only the light
Mysterious woman, Tell him who you are
Give him your love, His star

Chorus :

In his dreams
Talking to you, (oh) Baby Baby
Never let him go
Tornero, Lady Lady
In his dreams
Where are you, (oh) Baby Baby
Angel, Tell me why
Let me try…

Could it be, Why him
His little world, Love enough for two
Follow his heart, Happy you
Without your love, He admits, It hurts
One good reason, One more night
This time, Love… shine a light

Chorus x 1

Stronger every minute, The image of you
His heart goes boom, He believes in you

Choir :

Fly on the wings of love…
Open your heart…
I believe in you…


Never let him go
No, no never
In his dreams
Where are you, (oh) Baby Baby
Angel, Tell me why
Let him try, Lady Lady

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