The Tereza Kerndlová interview

by Marcus Klier 131 views

Tereza Kerndlová will take part in the Czech national final for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Have some fun. Aris Kalimeris spoke to the singer about her participation.

Special thanks go to David for his assistance in arranging and translating the interview.

First of all Tereza, tell us something about your career.

When I was 8 years old, I started my public appearance with my father with jazz and swing music. We released 8 CD’s whereI am singing with my father and then one CD with just duets with him. In the meantimeI participated inprofessional tap-dancing comtests(step) and I was six times Czech Republic Champion and then ranked 4th in the world championship.

Ahobby of mine is dubbing movies, I haveworked in more than 200 movies and TV series so far. In 2000-2005 I was partof thegirl group Black Milk, and we released two albums together. AfterwardsI wentsolo and I made the album Orchidej and then my latest album Have Some Fun where you can find the single Have Some Fun– my song for Eurosong.

We know that your father is also a famous singer in Czech Republic. How much has this influenced your career? Has it helped you somehow?

It has advantages and disadvantages. It is great, that my father lead me to music from childhood. Igrew upin an environment where the people all the time listened to music or sang. When I was 8 years old, my father stood me for the first time on stage. The disadvantage is, that more people say that all what I have is only thanks him. It is not true. I think, if people were not interested in my music and they didn't like it, it would be not enough that my father is a famous singer. I am here by myself.

What made you want to try forthe Eurovision Song Contest?

I was chosen by Czech television (Česká televize), and when they asked me, I was very glad and I said yes. It would be a pity not to try for this competition. If Iam luckyand Czech republic sends me to Eurovision, it is big chance to get abroad, sing for all Europe and give my music to more people and nations.

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