Armenia to decide 8th March at the latest

by Stella Floras 69 views

Sirusho, the Armenian representative in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, is currently working on the lyrics of no less than four songs which she will perform during the country's national final which will take place in the first week of March, sometime before the 8th.

Due to the Armenian Presidential election as well as the National Music Awards in February that both require major coverage by ARMTV, the country's final which will decide which song will be sent to Belgrade has been scheduled for the first week of March.

Twenty one year old Sirusho is currently working on the lyrics of the four songs she will perform during the national final. Before that she will participate in the National Music awards ceremony on 10 March, Diana Mnatsakanyan, the Armenian Head of Delegation says.

Earlier this week, reports on the Azeri press claimed that Sirusho would participate in the Eurovision Song Contest with a song comprising a mix of traditional Azerbaijani folk songs. The report caused confusion as well as many reactions in Azerbaijan in multiple levels. ARMTV confirm that the song in question is an old song, performed by Sirusho in 2005, something that makes it automatically uneligible for the 2008 contest. It is widely known that a fundamental EBU rule states that no participating song can have been publicly broadcast before October 1st of the year preceding the contest. "No song has been selected yet and we are planning to hold our national final no later than the 8th of March," the Armenian Head of Delegation re-confirms.

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