Orup speaks on Lena Ph collaboration

by Leif Raberg 75 views

First time Orup saw Lena Philipsson on stage was at the Rondo in Goteborg. After that he wrote her Melodifestival's song Det gör ont and the rest is history. On Friday they have new première for the show Lena+Orup in Goteborg.

Aftera year of sell-out shows in Stockholm, Lena Philipsson and Orup move the show to Rondo in Goteborg.It was onthat stage thatOrup saw Lena Philipsson's own show and decided he wanted to work with her several years ago.

"I had been asked if I was interestedin writing musicfor Lena, she was selected as a wild card in Melodifestivalen 2004. Before I decided, I wanted to see her on stage for myself. Lena had her show on Rondo, so I went there. I sat there, and good lord, she was fantastically good" Orup says to GT.

It was Lena Philipsson who wanted to work with Orup and it was she that contected the song writer to ask if he wanted to do a song for her in Melodifestivalen 2004 and hopefully wanted to make a full album.

"About that time I wrote to several artists and got very disappointed. I though 'do I really have to be an artist again? I had only been written to other artist a couple of years" says Orup. He was not satisfied with the other productions he was involved withand really dident feel like at that time, make a comeback as a popartist himself.

Det gör ont was the start for a longer collaboration.
"We decided to make an album, even Det Gör Ont wouldent been a success", says Philipsson. "It is easy that it could be a conflict, but we had already from the start clear areas – I wrote the songs and Lena performed them" explains Orup.

But as we know, the song won Melodifestivalen, was number one hit in Sweden and the album that followed was also ahuge success.

They continue their work together in 2005 with the album Jag ångrar ingenting. This was another chart success for the team. In 2007 they did a duet officially for the first time, Jag måste skynda mig på, it was the only new song on the greatest hits album Lena 20 år. The album was released at the same time they had their première on the show Lena + Orup in China teatern in Stockholm.

"Then I thought it was time for a show again, that I love to do. Then, I heard that Orup was planning to do a show too, so I as asked him if he wanted to do one show with me", says Philipsson.

He was somewhat in doubt. He diden´t want to become subordinate to Lena Philipsson.

"I hatebeing second, and she has such a high status. I never shared a stage with anyone. This is the first time I feel comfortable with it. I dare look into her in eyes. It is almost for real, he says and smiles.? That show got great reviews and had sold out shows rest of the year. This spring it continues in Goteborg, and so far, has sold very well.

According to an interview in Vetlandaposten, Lena Philipsson is also writing new music. This is the first time since the single Spell of love in 2001. She has also earlier said the want to make some sort of dance pop album. Orup is also writing new songs, but if they arefor Lena or someone else is not known at the moment. Last show date in Goteborg is 26th April.