UPD – 3 19. Frock-rippingly fun: Norway shapes up

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Norway's Guri Schanke took to the Eurovision dance floor with her male companions this afternoon, as the camera work begins to come together for Ven a bailar conmigo. The routine is tight and the vocal is strong, with a good crowd reaction.

From the hall, the dance looks amazing, but on screen Guri and her two dancers seem to be swamped by the stage in the wide angles. This is probably because Guri and her two male counterparts are dnacing in very close formation, so wider shots accentuate the fact that so much of the rest of the floor is empty. The direction could benefit from much closer shots following the three about the stage, to minimise the empty space being shown on screen.

On the plus side, the close shots that there are look brilliant on TV, with Gurl spinning and quick-stepping in and out of her dancers' arms expertly on screen. In these shots, something of the camp melodrama of ballroom dance really comes across to the viewers, something that the Norwegian entry should play on to maximise its vote-pulling gimmick.

Tight routine
However, the routine is now extremely tight, and to her credit, Guri sings excellently throughout the energetic choreography. The visual tricks work a treat on stage, with the fan screen dress change and the frock-ripping finale looking as fun as ever on the small screen too. The delegation experimented with both black and white fans for Guri's first strip, but seem to have settled on white plumes for the modesty-saving screen.

Norway's second press conference

First she was asked how come a Norwegian entry by Swedish composer with Spanish title? She replied thatit just happened. Thomas G:son, the composer was on phone with Spain while writing the song that represents Spain this year and asked how do you let’s dance in Spanish and the song was born.Another question about the Portuguese song with similar style and title, but Guri told this song was inspired by strictly come dancing.

Then she presented her team. The male dancers both are Norwegian champions in ballroom dancing and have been dancing for over 20 years. The female back up singers are Eurovision veterans as well, on their 10th and 3rd experience.

She told the last of the three dresses she wears is her favourite, but she’s very fond of her brown dress, too, as she wore it in the Norwegian final as well. She is not afraid of any wardrobe malfunctions as they have practised so much so don’t expect any Janet Jackson from her!

Elisabeth Andreasson has given her a lot of advice but the most important is: enjoy the moment and have a lot of fun. She revealed she liked Crash in the Norwegian final and it was her first Eurovision experience even if she has dreamed of it for years. In the 1980’s she has sent several demos but never was accepted.

By request she also sung I know him so well from Chess.

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