Estonia is very pleased with the ESC 2002

by Jarmo Siim 88 views

Estonians are very pleased with the show of the Eurovision Song Contest 2002. Also Estonians were really happy about the victory of Latvia.

99% of the questioned people were very pleased with the show and especially with the song of the hosts, the stage and the humorous postcards and of course with the hosts in general. The main phrase is used is that Peebo and Matvere should have won and the director of the postcards and the designer of the stage should be awarded. In the eyes of Estonians the image of ETV rise a lot.

Though very few Estonians predicted Latvia's victory and liked the Latvian song, a lot of Estonians celebrated Latvia's victory and Estonia's 3rd place.

Before the voting started most of the Estonians predicted Sahlene's victory.

All the Estonians were quite pleased with the crowds of tourists in Tallinn. It was said that the tourist brought about � 4.8 million to Estonia.

Now I think it's the right time to say what all the Estonians were and are thinking: “Thank you, Europe!”

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