Finland: We don't have any friends in Europe

by Remi Kübar 438 views

Finnish commentators didn't say a word about the organization, although it was said in the Finnish radio. Specially were noticed the postcards before Russia and Finland.

As usually, the Finnish press was hoping Laura to win, but as usually Finland ended up in the list of last countires.

The tears of disappointment are flowing in many Finnish homes“, said the commentator of Finnish TV Maria Guzenina after the final points were given. Guzenina considered the different taste in music of other nations as the main reason for unsuccess.

Before the TV broadcast, the broadcaster said “before tomorrow Finland will hopefully win the Eurovision“.

After the half of the points ahve been counted the commentator Guzenina admitted: “Finland is still not among the last countries.” And added right after: “Latvia is surprizing a lot…nobody would have guessed….”

When Peebo and Matvere performed their song between the half of the songs, the Finnish commentators announced that the song was specially written for Eurovision by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.

After receiving 3 points from Bosnia and Hertzegovina Guzina said that people believed more in Lauras' possibilities than the points actually show.

Guzenina concluded his comments with saying that although Finland can't take part of the copetition next year they still must be proud of Laura.

Eastvision“, declared a writer Jari Tervo in the newspaper Ilta-Sanomat yesterday. As the half of the participants were from the Eastern-Europe, Finland had no possibilities, he sums up.

The Head of Entertainment in Finnish Yleisradio Markku Laaksonen says in the same newspaper that the rules are very wrong. “The countries give votes to their friends. For example the Balcan countries. This is not a real competition and if the rules are wrong, it really makes me angry,” said Laaksonen.

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