Israeli government investigates ESC

by Daniel Ringby 314 views

Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs Michael Melchior has asked his ministery to investigate rumours that TV viewers in Belgium and Sweden were encouraged not to vote for Israel.

According to the Israeli news paper Jerusalem Post, the Belgian commentator had said that even if the Israeli song 'Lets light a candle', “is not bad, we must hope that Israel does not win. This is not the time for an Israeli hosting of the ESC.”

In Swedish TV, the commentators have allegedly said that Israel was not meant to participate, “because of what they do to the Palestinians.”
However, in Aftonbladet – a Swedish paper – the Swedish commentators are now meant to have said that they, “wonder how many points Israel will score”, and that personally, one of them, “would give null points.”

Brought on by this ambiguity, Michael Melchior's ministry has issued a bulletin which reads that, “if it turns out that these things have indeed happened, we shall react appropriately and take the necessary actions.”

Israel's discontent will thus be presented to the two countries' respective governments, hoping that appropriate action will be taken against the responsible.
Israel arrived at 12th place with 37 points.

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