Latvia: LTV confirms participation – provisional dates released

Latvia: LTV confirms participation – provisional dates released

LTV, the national Latvian broadcaster has informed and confirmed to that Latvia will participate at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest next May in Copenhagen.

Last July reported that LTV will most likely compete at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, now we can confirm Latvia’s participation at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest next May.

The method and mechanism to select the 2014 Latvian entry will be a national selection consisting of 2 semifinals and a final. The provisional dates for the semifinals are 18 and 19 January whilst the grand finale is most likely to take place on 1 February. These dates are subject to change as the Latvian broadcaster is still working on the preparations of the 2014 Latvian national selection.

LTV has informed that the rules and regulations for  Dziesma 2014- the Latvian national selection will be published at the beginning of October.

Latvia debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000 and has won the event in 2002 with Marie N‘s I wanna.  Latvia has competed in every single contest since its debut in 2000.  2014 will be the country’s 15th Eurovision entry.

Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Albania, Iceland, Ireland, San Marino, Georgia , Switzerland , The Netherlands, Estonia, Malta, Russia,Germany, Austria , FYR Macedonia and Belgium and Latvia have all confirmed their participation at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest next year in Denmark. Whilst Belarus,Montenegro, Ukraine, Moldova, Hungary,Lithuania and Slovenia has said they will most likely be in the competition next year.

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  1. Faezdel
    September 25, 2013 at 09:46

    The worst ESC country, for sure. I never liked any of their entries!

  2. sighs
    September 24, 2013 at 13:10

    Poor stupid Latvia… Winny Puhh agreed to represent them, but they want to continue their last place tradition…