Slovenia: Three chirpy transvestites?

by Daniel Ringby 100 views

There is no doubt as to what entry is the most sensational this year; Sestre. Three Slovene men in heavy make-up and tight stewardesses' uniforms.

“Almost four hours. That's how long it takes to apply the make-up. At the beginning of our career I had to help the others to get beautiful, but today they can handle the entire thing themselves”, says Daphne (27) and laughs.

But (s)he, Emperatrizz (22) and Miss Marlena (22) have not journeyed comfortably to Tallinn – metaphorically speaking. “When our song, Samo Ljubezen Only love won in Slovenia, all the conservative parties went berserk”, Emperatrizz says.
“Many felt that we had brought shame upon country. We shouldn't be allowed to come to Tallinn.”

“Maybe we can make people open their minds? Make them understand that you're not an alien or a weirdo just because you're a bit different.”

Sestre are all bisexuals, but only Emperatrizz wears women's clothes every day. She has not worn men's clothes for eight years. The other two only dress up when Sestre are performing or go out together at night.

Judging by Slovene polls, the three sisters do seem to have reversed general Slovene opinion. “The whole country seems to love us now. Even the ones who criticized us have now gone more quiet. Of course it feels like a bit of a victory”, says Daphne, who does not want to hear of any comparisions between Sestre and the 1998 winner, Dana International.

“Even though we adore her as an artist, fact remains that she is artificial. She was made a woman the surgical way. We're simply sisters, totally naturally too, I might add.”

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