Terry Wogan: “Estonia will win again” !

by Jarmo Siim 297 views

“Estonia will win again and Estonia will go into bankruptcy”, said BBC's famous commentator Terry Wogan in an exclusive interview with the Estonian tabloid SL Õhtuleht.

He added that he won't be so hursh to Estonia and reminded that “don't take the Eurovision so seriously! It's not the Third World War!”.

“It's a silly old contest, but I love it. I couldn't do my work without love.”

“Benton and Padar were really good,” he said. But yet he didn't play their song in his show. But he does play the UK's song 'Come back'. “It's a good song from the UK, but it won't get any points, because the Eurovision is a political competition,”he told SL Õhtuleht“That's why Estonia has big chances this year – all the Baltic States participate and the song is quite good. I like the Belgian “Tom Jones” Sergio too and the Slovenian transvetites. Who cares they can't sing?! This is not a singing competition! Who takes it seriously is a fool!”.

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