Las Vegas wedding, sunshine, more drums and a fishing village

by Juha Repo 17 views

Four more countries from the second semi-final are rehearsing today while the remaining nine will be left for the last of the closed rehearsals tomorrow. 

The remaining four of the countries rehearsing today were started off by Krista Siegfrids from Finland. The whole marriage theme is still there, with the backdrop imitating a Las Vegas, the place for instant weddings. We have the two backing singers in their maids’ outfits, with red PVC aprons, but the brides in their morning jackets turn into women wedding guests in long pink frocks in a costume change moment. Team dingdong do it all in high camp with added pyrotechnics and the performance is replete with a girl on girl kiss to finish.

Next up we get a full dose of Mediterranean sunshine from Malta. Gianluca Bezzini is all big smiles while he struts along the stage and along the catwalk to the front, while the band plays along at the back. They all then gather together on the park bench probably based on the seaside promenade in Valletta and it looks like a happy ending to a feelgood song. It will put a smile on the viewers’ face too hopefully.

Things go back to a bit more serious with the ethnic percussion number from the Bulgarian Elitsa and Stoyan. There are two huge banks of drums on the stage and they get used to maximum effect, while Elitsa and the backing singers sing the ethnic tunes. Elitsa is sporting a military type white coat with red embroideries, and also takes a stroll down the catwalk during this number. A sort of ritual mask is also brought to the equation for the final scene of this ethnic number.

It all calms down again for the Icelandic entry and the set puts us into a fishing village. Eythor is seemingly looking to the sea from the cliffs, and the ballad grown into a big emotional number. For the last minute or so a group of backing singers march for the big finale of this classic Eurovision power ballad with an ethnic flavour. The singer gives a strong performance in his native Icelandic.

This was the last one of today’s rehearsals, please join us for the comments for the rest tomorrow. From Friday members of the media will be allowed into the arena to follow the second rehearsals and the delegations will be giving full press conferences rather than the low-key events of this first week.

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