Denmark: Actress and presenter to announce votes

by Alex Noone 282 views

The results of the Danish vote at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest are to be announced by television presenter and actress, Sofie Lassen-Kahlke.

The announcement that the 33-year-old had won the prestigious job was made this morning on the website of Danish broadcaster, DR.

Sofie was one of three women along with Louise Wolff and Lise Rønne selected by the broadcaster to co-present the Danish national selection show, Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2013, in January at the Jyske Bank Boxen Arena in Herning. Louise and Lise had presented the show in 2011 and 2012 respectively, while Sofie, a veteran of some 14 Danish-language films, was new to the format.

Both Louise Wolff and Lise Rønne have also previously announced the Danish votes at the Eurovision final and have already offered their colleague, Sofie, their support and advice. They said it happens so quickly that you hardly have time to open your mouth before you say goodbye again, Sofie told journalists “Maybe I’ll throw in a couple of Swedish words as Eurovision is taking place in Sweden”.

Her appearance on our screens on Saturday 18 May will last only a few seconds. But Sofie seems happy and excited to have been given the job. I have always loved Eurovision and think it’s hilarious to have to hand out points, she said. I hope I’m not going to think too much about how many (millions of) people will see it.

And even though Sofie won’t be able to give this year’s Danish entrant any points, she is confident Emmelie de Forest will do very well in the competition. Emmelie is super charming and very different from what you see in general Eurovision Song Contest, she said. I also think there is something very unique about ‘Only Teardrops’. It is beautiful, original and very international, and I think it stands a really good chance.

Emmelie de Forest will perform for Denmark in the first semi-final of the Eurovison Song Contest next Tuesday, 14 May.