Ticket sale postponed due to last-minute changes

by Sietse Bakker 112 views

What's going on with this ticket sale? A question we received many times and finally we managed to get some clear answers from Pavlo Hrytsak, the executive producer of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

Hrytsak, executive producer of this year's contest, explained to esctoday.com: “We made some last-minute adjustments to the stage design and therefor had to change the seating plan. The company selling the tickets was not able to implement these changes within a few hours and thus the ticket sale has been delayed a bit”, he explained.

Through olvia.com.ua it is possible to book tickets, but this website in not available in English. The fact that this excludes all international fans, made people suspicious that NTU wants to sell as many tickets as possible to the local audience first, instead of serving the international audience. “This website sells the tickets, but still uses the old seating plan. The international fans have nothing to worry about, as a specific amount of tickets has been reserved for the international market anyway”, Pavlo Hrytsak said.

For the three rehearsals of the semifinal, the semifinal itself, the three rehearsals of the final and the final broadcast, a total amount of 68,000 tickets is available. This means that for each event, 8,500 seats are available (instead of the 5,500 announced seats per event). Approximately 35 percent of the tickets has been reserved for the international audience, which means that almost 23,000 tickets are available for fans from abroad. Only a few percent of the tickets for the local market have been sold so far. It seems the last-minute changes even resulted in a higher amount of tickets.

The changed seating plan will be implemented in the upcoming days. “I would like to apologise for this delay, but I assure you that tickets can be booked Friday around 11:00 CET”, the executive producer stated. Svante Stockselius, supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest, understands the reactions of fans, but assures everything is going fair.

We kindly thank everyone for the questions we received about ticket sale. Due to the high amount of questions, we are unable to answer them personally. You can always find the latest news on the ticket sale here on esctoday.com!

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