Portugal: Hero welcome for Salvador Sobral back home

by Michalis Vranis 7,630 views

More than 2000 people gathered at the Lisbon Portela Airport to give a hero welcome to the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest winner Salvador Sobral.

The flight carrying the Portuguese delegation landed at 15:50 CET at the Lisbon international airport where more than 2000 fans flooded the arrivals section of the airport in order to meet the national hero. Salvador Sobral was given a huge hero welcome to what he commented “I’m not a hero, Ronaldo is”.

A hero welcome for Salvador Sobral

Salvador Sobral arrives at the Lisbon International Airport

The press conference

Upon the arrival at the airport during the press conference, the artist confessed that he thinks these victories are ephemeral. What I have to do is continue to make my music, that it has some meaning… and that passes to the audience he stated showing how humble an artist can be. You can read more about Salvador’s arrival at ESC Portugal.

The young Portuguese singer took by storm the whole Europe last night with his song Amaro pelos dois.

It is the first time in the almost 50 years of participating in the competition, for Portugal to be crowned the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. What do you think about

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