Eurovision 2017: Croatia’s first rehearsal is up next

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1st rehearsal3 May 2017
09:40 - 10:10
Meet & Greet: 12:00 - 12:20
Jacques Houdek
My Friend
Artist Profile
People on stage:
Camera shots:
Vocal abilities:
Stage presentation:
Special Effects:
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Jacques is another singer dressed all in black. He wears black trousers and a black top, and long black jacket with asymmetric zip detail. He also wears black leather fingerless gloves. We don’t yet know if this is his final costume choice.

03/05/2017 2:18 pm

Here it is! Croatia’s first rehearsal from this morning

03/05/2017 12:49 pm

Press meet & greet session with the man himself, Jacques Houdek

03/05/2017 10:36 am

Official images from Croatia’s first rehearsal (Thomas Hanses/ ©)

03/05/2017 10:32 am

Backstage with Jacques during Croatia’s first rehearsal

03/05/2017 10:10 am

Rehearsal snippet:

02/05/2017 9:24 am

The Croatian team on their way to Kyiv before rehearsals!

Dobar dan vama, sretan put nama! 🙂 Kijev, Eurosong 2017 – stižemo!Hello to you, safe trip to us! :)Kiev, Eurosong 2017 – here we come!#beMyfriend <3Eurosong.hrEurosong HRTEurovision Song Contest

Posted by JACQUES HOUDEK on Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Jacques is next for his meet & greet session, revealing that he has been a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest since the age of 6 in 1987, adding that he is truly amazed that this is really happening.

Speaking of his entry My friend, Jacques revealed:

I wanted to create an anthem that will relate to people that every day is an opportunity to do something better and improve.

Jacques spoke of his early life and about the meaning behind Croatia’s staging at the IEC:

I was a big kid. I was always different. I decided not to have a problem with my weight but wanted to pursue my dreams and become a singer. The faces on the backdrop are not because I love myself but an idea of putting together something different.

Full house for Croatia on stage! And we don’t mean the backdrop:

Just kidding, this is fan made and was published about a week ago. But it is not far from reality as Jacques’ double face appear on the backdrop of beautiful nature for a short while. Whoever thought this is going to be a total bizzare – it is, but not completely. The switch between the two Jacques is done by switching camera shots.

It’s a full house on stage for Croatia with two violin and cello players and three backing singers. Two types of pyro are in use – the waterfall and the classic blasts from around the stage.


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