Eurovision 2017: Day 4 opens with the first rehearsal of San Marino

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1st rehearsal3 May 2017
09:00 - 09:30
Meet & Greet: 11:20 - 11:40
San Marino
Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson
Spirit of the Night
Artist Profile
People on stage:
Vocal abilities:
Stage presentation:
Special Effects:
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Valentina and Jimmie are not wearing their final costumes today (they still have to decide on that), but still manage to be very coordinated. Valentina is wearing leather-look leggings and a black leather jacket, similar to what she wore for her 2012 performance, only in black. She also wears a black and gold sequined t-shirt and a black sequined cap.

Jimmie wears tight black trousers and a black sequined jacket. During the performance, he removes the jacket, revealing a tight black sleeveless shirt with a deep v-neck.

03/05/2017 2:46 pm

“Happy” is how Valentina feels following today’s rehearsal

03/05/2017 2:45 pm

Photocall with the Sammarinese entrants following their meet & greet

03/05/2017 10:41 am

Here’s a look at San Marino’s first rehearsal at the IEC

03/05/2017 10:22 am

Official photos from San Marino’s first rehearsal (Thomas Hanses/ ©)

03/05/2017 10:14 am

Backstage with the Sammarinese entrants!

03/05/2017 9:29 am

First glimpse at San Marino’s first rehearsal:

03/05/2017 9:10 am

Valentina; bringing all the necessities on stage

03/05/2017 8:20 am

Almost time for Valentina and Jimmie to take to the stage! Ready?

02/05/2017 10:19 pm

Valentina and Ralph Siegel meet before tomorrow’s rehearsal!

Valentina and Jimmie kick off today’s meet & greet sessions, with Valentina herself talking about her big comeback to the competition:

I’m back for my fans. My fans are asking me “please come back” and here I am!

Ralph Siegel, composer of this year’s Sammarinese entry, is also at the session today, speaking of Valentina’s return and performance:

She deserves to be here because she’s an amazing jazz singer and hopefully she’ll make it to the big night on Saturday.

I’m so proud that you sing my song. The lyrics were written by a woman and a man, because for a duet you need to have both sides. This is a great international fusion.

When asked where she would like to compete next year if she were to make a fifth return to the stage, Valentina revealed that if San Marino does not win this year then she would like to go to Italy or Portugal.

The Sammarinese Eurovision team is trying to find a solution regarding the local televote, which is currently decided by a “random” calculation of votes on behalf of the nation. The team would potentially like to see the random votes system replaced with an opinion poll.

San Marino opens today’s rehearsals with a massive amount of cheese. As likely to a song written by Ralph Siegel, this is the classic europop we all have as guilty pleasure.

The chemistry between Valentina, who is well familiar with the Eurovision stage, and Jimmie Wilson is remarkable and along with three backing singers they dance this song away on a simple yet colourful stage.

Blocked by two heavy ballads (Ireland and Croatia) this may well stand out significantly and get San Marino to the final (Don’t forget that last year, Serhat finished 12th in the semifinal!) But we’ll have to wait to the rest of today’s rehearsal to see.

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