Belarus call for songs

by Victor Hondal 57 views

Belarus has just launched the country's quest for a song to present at the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo (Norway). As an important novelty, BTRC is no longer the broadcaster in charge of the national final for Eurovision, handing over ONT.

The full details regarding the format of the selection method for the Belarussian Eurovision entry are yet to be announced, but the broadcaster now in charge, ONT, has released some preliminary information.

There will be a national final, where some songs will be presented. The entries must be composed for a male soloist or for a group comprising of 6 female vocalists, and will feature polyphonic sounds as well as classical singing.

The authors of the song chosen to participate at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest will win a prize of $ 50,000.

The deadline to submit compositions has been set on October 1st. There are two possible ways to do it: in a recorded physical format, which has to be sent to the following address: 220029, ÐеÑ�пÑ�блика Ð�елаÑ�Ñ�Ñ�Ñ�, г. Ð�инÑ�к, Ñ�л. Ð�оммÑ�ниÑ�Ñ�иÑ�еÑ�каÑ�, 6, Ð�Ð�Ð� «Ð�Ñ�оÑ�ой наÑ�ионалÑ�нÑ�й Ñ�елеканал». Another possibility is to submit the musical file to the broadcaster's website .

Thanks to Xavier for the submission of the information.

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