Full 2009 Eurovision Song Contest results

by Benny Royston 950 views

The European Broadcasting Union have today announced the full breakdown of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest result. This has been delayed in order for two independent audits to confirm the result and cross check. For the first time, the exact votes of the international juries and televote have been declared.

In 2009, the Eurovision Song Contest voting system was modified for the final to include the votesof an international jury from each country comprising of five musical experts. The jury vote and televote were added togetherto create the result for each participating country.

The initial results show that the biggest changes with the introduction of the international jury were the results of France, the United Kingdom, Israel Albania, Denmarkand Sweden. France would have finished in a lowly 17th place despite recruiting the internationally acclaimed artist, Patricia Kaas. The multi-million cd selling star however took fourth place from the interntional juries, taking France to eighth place overall.

New discovery Jade Ewen represented the United Kingdom and took fifth place. On the televote, she would have finished 10th, still reaching the country's best result since 2002, but her third place from the international juries lifted the United Kingdom to fifth. Israel's entry by Mira and Noa finished last in the televote but due to the jury vote (9th), the country finished nine places higher than it would have under the previous system, taking 16th place.

Albania's entry finished in 17th place, but would have been 11th under the previous voting system. Whilst finishing six places lower, Denmark moved up six places. Despite only finishing 19th on the televote, Brink took sixth place on the jury to lift Denmark to 13th. Sweden were another country hurt by the voting change, finishing 21st overall despite finishing 15th under the televote.

More analysis to follow.

You can see the full breakdown of the result here:

Country Result Jury Televote
Norway 1 1 1
Iceland 2 2 4
Azerbaijan 3 8 2
Turkey 4 7 3
United Kingdom 5 3 10
Estonia 6 5 6
Greece 7 11 5
France 8 4 17
Bosnia & Herzegovina 9 12 7
Armenia 10 15 9
Russia 11 17 8
Ukraine 12 16 12
Denmark 13 6 19
Moldova 14 10 13
Portugal 15 18 18
Israel 16 9 25
Albania 17 23 11
Croatia 18 19 16
Romania 19 21 14
Germany 20 14 23
Sweden 21 22 15
Malta 22 13 24
Lithuania 23 20 20
Spain 24 25 21
Finland 25 24 22

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