Belgium: Blanche speaks of Eurovision 2017 participation

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Just a few days after revealing that upcoming artist Blanche will represent Belgium at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine, broadcaster RTBF had an interview with the young singer.

Blanche spoke to RTBF about why she agreed to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest:

I had never thought of it before. I had to make a quick decision, because we had created the song without thinking of presenting it, but the selection committee was seduced unanimously and here I am! Thinking about it, I see only positive points, this adventure is a unique and enriching experience that I look forward to.

When asked about whether she is afraid that her image will become too “Eurovision”, Blanche responded:

No, because I already had projects before the selection, Eurovision can only be beneficial in their accomplishment.

Speaking of being given the opportunity to represent the whole of Belgium, Blanche revealed:

I find it crazy to represent a whole country, it will be fun to meet the other competitors representing each of their nations, a kind of great international summit, uniquely artistic.

Blanche continued to reveal the reason behind her stage name:

Blanche is my third name. It so happens that my career begins with the idea of ​​a white (‘blanche’) page where everything that is written corresponds to me well. If I sing mainly in English, I also wanted to keep something French, because it is a language that I love and that is beautiful. If I do not use it in my songs, at least like that, it’s still part of me.

Preparing her song with Pierre Dumoulin, leader of the group Roscoe, Blanche spoke of her upcoming collaboration:

It was Pierre who heard me when I was in The Voice Belgique, he contacted me through the Cats on Trees, my coaches, and the record company (PIAS). He explained that my voice inspired him and that he really wanted to compose for me. We spent time in the studio, I was in my turn seduced by his music and talent. It worked well and we decided to go further in the adventure because the feeling was excellent.

The full interview of RTBF with Blanche (in French) may be found here.

Blanche (born: Ellie Delvaux, Brussels, Belgium, 2000) is an upcoming singer-songwriter. She gained recognition after participating in the popular TV-show The Voice Belgique (the Walloon version of The Voice), as Ellie Delvaux, early in 2016. After being eliminated in the 13th round during the live shows, the young singer pursued her career under her stage name, Blanche.

Blanche was selected by Walloon broadcaster RTBF to represent Belgium at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, after the selection committee heard her music, which she is making with Pierre Dumoulin of the band Roscoe. Blanche is currently working on her debut album, and she is the younger sister of musician Oliver Lord (Oliver Ghnassia Langbord).

Enjoy Blanche (Ellie Delvaux) covering Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran:


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