Eurovision 2017: Theme, venue and ticket preparations ongoing

by Jessica Weaver 1,461 views

Preparations are well and truly underway throughout the city of Kyiv, with just under 6 months remaining until the 62nd annual Eurovision Song Contest is set to take place. But with the clock ticking away, what are the plans for the next few months in the lead up to the competition?

Over the last number of weeks, various meetings with a number of committees have been taking place around the Eurovision host city of Kyiv, with planning and preparations ongoing over the weeks to follow. So, what details and announcements are expected to be revealed over the weeks to come?

Official theme for Eurovision 2017

Back in October, NTU launched a competition in order to find a fully designed concept for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, including a theme, slogan and logo which will feature heavily throughout the contest as well as on promotional products.

With submissions closing earlier this month, NTU has shortlisted a total of 5 design agencies along with their theme concepts who, as of today, are currently improving and finalising their designs before being presented once again.

Speaking to KP, NTU’s Deputy General Director, Oleksandr Kharebin, revealed that the winner of the creative concept is expected to be decided in early December, with an announcement expected shortly after.

Construction works in the IEC

Preparations are currently underway in regards to the construction works within the IEC, with the Kyiv City officials visiting the premises earlier this month to enquire on and evaluate the currently situation.

With a details plan of the hall received, Kharebin revealed that work on the venue will start from mid-March 2017, which will be incorporated with the selected theme for the competition.

Experts have spoken out regarding the choice of venue for Eurovision 2017, criticising the acoustics within the arena with claims that they do not meet with the high requirements of the competition. President of the IEC, Viktor Tkachenko, spoke to AIF and defended the choice of venue for the competition:

IEC has successfully participated in various contemporary, cultural and artistic projects. […] The second and third IEC pavilions have been designed precisely with the view of ensuring the possibility of the maintence of Eurovision-format events. Therefore, the acoustic performance was increased.

Stage design

NTU has also been in search of a stage design for the competition, a concept which will eventually be assembled at the host venue of the International Exhibition Centre (IEC). With 4 designs being shortlisted, a final decision will be made public in December according to Harebin.

Ticket sales; prices and when?

Another competition opened by NTU was one in which to find the official ticket operator for the competition. An agency with a modern and high-tech website is essential in order to be capable of hosting the mass amount of online requests expected by such a huge international audience.

With anticipation rising, a number of reports earlier this week suggested that tickets for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest would range from €20-€100, a price range which has yet to be confirmed.

Kharebin, speaking to KP, revealed that regarding ticket prices, a value has yet to be determined. Once a ticket operator has been selected and finalised, a cost for tickets can be valued together alongside the broadcaster.

Tickets are expected to go on sale within the coming weeks, with NTU hoping for sales to begin at the end of December. Ticket sales will begin no later than January 2017.

The 62nd Eurovision Song Contest are scheduled to take place on the 9, 11 and 13 May 2017, in which a total of 43 countries have been confirmed to take part in the upcoming competition.