Russia: Sergey Lazarev continues to promote his song

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The bookies’ favourite this year, Russia’s Sergey Lazarev, has spent the last few days promoting his song You are the only one around southern Europe.

The first stop on Sergey’s trip was Malta, but for less than 24 hours! He arrived in Malta last Wednesday, where he was met by Maltese representative, Ira Losco. The two had previously met at the Eurovision pre-party in Moscow, and Sergey gave Ira his coat after she commented on the bitter Russian weather! Sergey described Ira’s song as “great” on his Instagram account, and advised his fans to check it out.

Sergey started interviews with Maltese television crews at 7am the following morning, in order to make the most of his time on the Mediterranean island. He told press that he wishes he could have spent more time in Malta, as he was amazed by the beauty of the island nation.

Ira Losco and Sergey Lazarev
Ira Losco and Sergey Lazarev


Sergey then briefly visited Athens to meet with his composer, Dimitris Kontopoulos, to discuss the staging of his song in Stockholm. He also began rehearsals for his role in the Greek music and fashion show, Madwalk.

Sergey and composer

Belgrade was the next stop on Sergey’s itinerary. He arrived on Sunday and spent the day sightseeing and visiting the historic sites of the Serbian capital. Sanja Vučić, who will sing for Serbia in Eurovision this year, welcomed him to her home country, and the two became acquainted. Sanja interviewed Sergey for Serbian TV, and they posed for photographs together.

Sanja Vucic and Sergey Lazarev
Sanja Vucic and Sergey Lazarev

Sergey in belgrade

Sergey was also featured on popular Serbian talk show, Veče sa Ivanom Ivanovićem, and he performed You are the only one live for the audience. He later thanked the Serbian people for their kindness and hospitality. You can watch his live performance below.

Sergey’s final stop on his mini-tour was back in Athens. His visit was to perform in the fashion event, the Madwalk, hosted by the Greek music channel MAD TV. MAD TV has produced the Greek entry for the Eurovision Song Contest since 2013, and has promoted Sergey’s Eurovision entry on their TV and radio channels this year.

The Madwalk is a fashion event which showcases both new and established Greek fashion designers, all to a backdrop of dynamic musical performances. It was here that Sergey performed his song for the Greek audience for the first time.

Whilst attending the so-called orange carpet event leading up to the Madwalk, Sergey met former Greek Eurovision entrants. He posed for photos with the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2005, Helena Paparizou, and famous Greek singer Kostas Martakis, who finished second in the Greek national final in 2008 with his song Always and forever. Sergey and Kostas had met before, at the New Wave song contest in Jurmala in Latvia in 2007.

sergey and helena sergey and kostas

Sergey announced on social media earlier today that he has now touched down back home in Moscow.

Sergey Lazarev will represent Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with his song You are the only one. He will be the ninth competing act on stage in the first semi-final on the 10 May 2016.

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  • Mario~Vision

    Good for him (i guess) that he does his best to promote his esc song..

    But IF this promo tour won’t really pays & he doesn’t WIN the EuroVision on May
    that will be really unfortunate for him i guess..

    He has being dethroned from the #1 top spot on the OGAE voting
    & he is currently 28 whole points behind the winner Amir of France..

    Maybe the same will also happen in the bookies odds board. I find it likely.

  • Denis Bogachev

    OGAE voting is very strange.
    For example
    OGAE 2015: Official voting:
    Italy – 367 points Sweden – 365
    Sweden – 338 points Russia – 303
    Estonia – 274 points Italy – 292
    Norway – 243 points Belgium – 217
    Slovenia – 228 points Australia – 196

    OGAE 2014: Official voting:
    Sweden – 354 Austria – 290
    Hungary – 262 Netherlands -238
    Israel – 233 Sweden – 218
    Austria – 221 Armenia – 174
    United Kingdom – 162 Hungry – 143

    So I don’t believe it so much:)

  • Mario~Vision

    Well, I expect the results to differ on May
    but at least with the OGAE voting
    we know in big degree about WHICH songs are the most favorites & stand out.

    The winner of the OGAE voting gets much attention before the LIVEs of EuroVision.
    From 2007 untill this year who ever WON the Ogae Contest
    was at least on the spotlight. Especially after 2012.

  • Denis Bogachev

    I think that we know about OGAE, because we are here. Most of real televoters don’t know songs before contest and decide during the show.
    Ok, will see:) wish that winner will do all the best in singing, performance and show this year:) good luck to every participant:) I’m russian, so I hope that Russia will win. It’s normal behavior. Nevertheless France is strong competitor this year. Even our radio stations rotate Amir, but not Sergey. It’s a bit strange:)

  • Mario~Vision

    2007 – SERBIA ~ WINNER (also Winner on the SF)
    2008 – SWEDEN ~ Qualification to the Final & 18th
    2009 – NORWAY – WINNER (also Winner of the SF)
    2010 – DENMARK – 4th place
    2011 – HUNGARY – Qualification to the Final & 22nd
    2012 – SWEDEN – WINNER (also Winner of the SF)
    2013 – DENMARK ~ WINNER (also Winner of the SF)
    2014 – SWEDEN ~ 3rd place (2nd on the SF)
    2015 – ITALY ~ 3rd place with 292 points & WINNER on the televoting

    SO the conclusion is..
    ALL these countries that are the WINNERS on the OGAE Contest
    mostly do great or even WIN the EuroVision..
    Even on the cases of 2008 & 2011 that the Oage Winners bombed on the Final
    at least they still managed to QUALIFY from the SF(another achievement)

    Plus, so far NO winner of the ogae voting has been eliminated on the SF
    that is rather positive thing about the OGAE fan clubs.

  • Mario~Vision

    I don’t really like your country’s song (sorry about that..)
    But I think that even if Sergey doesn’t win on May
    your country will still do really great & will finish either 2nd or 3rd.
    I expect Russia to be also the winner of the 1st SF(most likely)

  • Denis Bogachev

    It’s financial crisis in Russia. I don’t want him to win at the end. Of course we will do good stage and show next year, if he wins, but it will be very expensive as everything in Russia:) so trying to keep safe our taxes:)))

  • Mario~Vision

    Indeed Denis..
    And now with the anti gay laws against homosexuals & homophobia
    & the war state with ISIS
    it would not be the best for the EuroVision to get hosted by Russia
    next year for these reasons as well.


    OGAE is almost always very wrong.

  • Misha Brianski

    There’s no laws against homosexuals. It seems you can’t differ Russia from Saudi Arabia 😛

  • Mario~Vision

    @ Oh please..
    I never put Russia in the same category with others deeply homophobic countries like Saudi Arabia that homosexuals are been killed
    but this doesn’t mean that Russia is gay friendly tolerant country & NOT very homophobic country as well..
    Only the fact that you wrote this idiotic reply is enough clue about your stupidity & ignorance..

  • Misha Brianski

    “idiotic reply”, “your stupidity and ignorance”… Thanks, now i understand what is tolerance much better 😛

  • MarioVision

    You re welcome…
    Just chill out..
    Even if you might not be necessarilly dumb your reply WAS not that smart..
    Well i can be tolerant enough with people
    but it just depends on what kind of comments I will see..

  • Laurent

    I said it before, Russia should never host Eurovision again because it is NOT a gay friendly country and I don’t see why they should host the biggest worldwide gay event. I went to Istanbul 2004 and Athens 2006 and probably more than 50% (if not more) of the public was gay, including me. Russia is a mascarade and nobody needs them at Eurovision. Please don’t mvote for them even if they have a good song this year. It’s not helping the gay community. The incident at border control in Moscow with the represent for Israel is a great example of why Russia should be banished.