Romania: Eurovision participation still questionable following TVR’s debt

by Gil Laufer 2,002 views

The Romanian broadcaster TVR might find itself out of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest due a debt of ten million euros, which comes from unpaid bills of TVR to EBU from 2011-12. The case, which was first published a couple of days ago, is yet to be solved, with the rehearsals for the Eurovision Song Contest to begin in less than two weeks.

According to the latest report that TVR submitted to the Romanian parliament, the broadcaster had found itself in a loss of over 5.3 million euros last year. Broadcaster’s debts to the EBU of 2008-2012 has already been paid. The latest payment of €250,000 which was handed this January, came with a statement that the payments could not be sustained anymore.

Iuliana Marciuc, the Romanian Head of Delegation, has expressed her worries regarding this situation. “I am extremely worried, it would be an unprecedented situation. An entire team’s work would be lost and a tradition wouldn’t be respected”, she said. Right after the Romanian national final, Selecția Națională, Iuliana has announced that she will contact the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) and the government for budget and assistance.

Around 70% of TVR’s revenues come from selling commercials, transmission fees and TV licences. The rest comes from various factors of Romania’s government, parliament and ministry of finance, that should give an answer to EBU soon.

In addition to the Eurovision Song Contest, TVR might lose the rights for broadcasting UEFA Euro 2016 and the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Comments on the Official Eurovision Romania Facebook page might give us the public’s point of view on the case. “Eurovision is not a priority. If we have no money to participate, we should no longer participate, and that’s it.”, says one of them.

Ovidiu Anton, who was chosen to represent Romania at this year’s contest, has expressed his thoughts as well. “No one has contacted me. I’ve just heard the rumours and seen the news. I’m just going to pretend I didn’t hear anything and keep preparing until I am told otherwise. Hopefully it will be solved.”

If the case will be solved in time, Ovidiu is set to sing Moment of Silence as song number 12 in the second semifinal of the contest, that will be held on 12 May.

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