OGAE Poll 2016: Russia votes next

by Jessica Weaver 3,932 views8

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Here at ESCToday, in collaboration with OGAE International, we will be bringing you the results of the annual fan club poll for the eighth year running, in which members from each OGAE club will vote for their favourite entries from each of the competing 2016 Eurovision Song Contest countries. Russia is next to vote.

OGAE Russia is next to vote in the OGAE International Poll 2016, giving their highest set of points to Freddie from Hungary.

See the full top 10 entries as voted for by OGAE Russia.

OGAE Russia

  • 12 points go to… Hungary
  • 10 points go to… Sweden
  • 8 points go to… Cyprus
  • 7 points go to… Czech Republic
  • 6 points go to… Latvia
  • 5 points go to… France
  • 4 points go to… Estonia
  • 3 points go to… Bulgaria
  • 2 points go to… Italy
  • 1 point goes to… Iceland

OGAE International will publish the results of this year’s poll via their official website including a full ranking of the competing entries.

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  • Laurent

    It is pathetic that they only give 5 points to France knowing!!!! They really don’t deserve to win because of all those Russians voting for Mama Russia from other ex USSR countries, just to have Russia win! They obviously don’t know how to vote fairly!

  • MarioVision

    Oh i noticed that AUSTRALIA took nul zero 0 points by the Russian ogae club.
    So far until now, AUS was getting points by every single ogae club that had voted.
    So now we have left with just 2 countries: FRANCE & RUSSIA
    that have been voted in the top10 of every ogae club (at least so far)

  • RostBurov

    It’s not at all pathetique!
    We shal see the French votes!
    I Honestly love Hungarian ans Cyprus songs! –
    The best !
    And most of the Russins go into the rock songs and not gayish last century french disco!

  • RostBurov

    I wonder what France OGAE will vote??
    No Russia at all???

  • RostBurov

    France should be happy with Russia’s OGAE 5! Could be NONE!

  • RostBurov

    + MarioVision
    You’re not banned yet?

  • Laurent

    France will probably give 12 to Armenia during the show because all the Armeninans from France will vote for Armenia. And keep in mind that French people don’t care about Eurovision and only people from other European countries will vote for their country from France. We all know that in France 🙂

  • Laurent

    I said it before, Russia should never host Eurovision again because it is NOT a gay friendly country and I don’t see why they should host the biggest worldwide gay event. I went to Istanbul 2004 and Athens 2006 and probably more than 50% (if not more) of the public was gay, including me. Russia is a mascarade and nobody needs them at Eurovision. Please don’t mvote for them even if they have a good song this year. It’s not helping the gay community. The incident at border control in Moscow with the represent for Israel is a great example of why Russia should not be a Eurivision member anymore.