Portugal: Nucha wants to turn the stage 'upside down'

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Nucha is a familiar name to the fans of the Eurovision Song Contest. The singer tries for the second time to represent the country with the song “Tudo esta nas tuas mÃ�£os”. She has already participated almost two decades ago with Ha sempre alguem.

After her 1990 participation with Há sempre alguem at the Eurovision Song Contest, Nucha will try once more her luck at the Portuguese national final. The song Tudo está nas tuas mãos made the final 24 candidates and is now up for the online voting on the RTP site.

Nucha spoke to esctoday.com and you can read the interview next.

What does the song "Tudo está na tua mão" talk about?

This song is about what we all need most in life…Love!!! Through love we can overcome anything. When I say "everything is in your hand", within the context of the lyrics, I mean that we cannot live without one another. And I cannot live without your votes right now…lol…

Why a hard-rock ballad for Festival da Canção? Is this kind of music something you relate to at the present time?

I am in this national selection to play a role. This song was entirely with Festival da Canção in mind. If I go through to the next phase you will see that everything has been thought up in terms of performance in order to turn the stage "upside down". I think that this kind of sound associated with the whole image we are constructing can make a diference if we win. This is a kind of music whchI relate to very much, but I wouldn't call my song a hard-rock ballad. When you have the opportunity to hear the song in full length you won't call it a ballad.

Can you disclose some details about your stage performance?

Every detail is carefully planned. I cantell you first handthat I will have a big team working with me in this performance. I will have my own image consultant, stylist, hairdresser and also a band with "heavy" and hairy musicians. Also some surprises are in store.

Have you had the chance to hear the other contestant's songs? What do you reckon about them?

I have heard them and my comment is that we are already winners for making it to the final 24 songs. No matter what the winner will be the final goal is to win in Moscow. Next year the Eurovision Song Contest will be in Portugal!

How do you recall your participation in Zagreb at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1990? What was the feeling to be on stage singing for millions of people?

It is a unique feeling representing your country and knowing you are being watched by many millions of people. It is also a great sensation of pride carrying the flag of our country. It was back in 1990 and my memory is hazy. I would like to refresh my memory with your votes and be there once again…lol…

Besides the Eurovision Song Contest you participated in various other music contests in countries such as Turkey, The Netherlands and Finland. Can you describe how these music events worked?

The format is identical to Eurovision but they are not as important. Still they left wonderful memories. Mostly the one from the Netherlands where I got third place and the award for Best Performer. I went on to receive the award from the hands of Ray Chrales in Hollywood.

During the 90's you released many albums which were successful. What were the highlights of your career in that time?

The greatest moments of my life are being on stage be it the 90's or in the present time. I think that sums it all up.

In 2006 you started working with Rafael Artesero, who is a composer with a link to the Eurovision Song Contest. How did that contact came about?

In October of 2006, while I was on holiday in Brazil, I got an e-mail from a Spanish fan called José Juan Santana Rodríguez that said: "I have been a fan of yours sincethe 1990 Eurovision Song Contest and I am now working with a great Spanish music producer, Rafael Artesero. He composed a song for a project and thought you could sing that song. Are you interested inlistening toit?" I replied to his e-mail and asked him to send me the song. When I heard it my first reaction was that the song was fantastic. I couldn't believe that such a great song could come from a total stranger.

How did then the album "Regresso" come up?

I first recorded the song in Englsih and did the adaptation for Portuguese which was the debut single of my latest album "Regresso": "Agora (estou de coração partido)". We exchanged e-mails and a friendship was built. In December of 2006 I decided to move forward with the project. The album saw the light of day in 2007.

We would like for you to leave a message to esctoday.com and to the fans…

I would like to invite all of you to visit the site at RTP and listen to all the songs there and vote for the ones you think can represent well Portugal in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Russia. Don't forget that this year the time has come for Portugal to win.

I would like to add that you vote on the singer and song you consider will be the best reprsentative regardless of their name. It is time for Festival da Canção to rise and be an icon on Portuguese television once more.

Esctoday.com wishes to thank Nucha for this interview and wish her all the best.

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