Replay: Sixth semi final in Malta

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The sixth semi final of Malta Song for Europe 2009, the Maltese selection for the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow, is about to take place. Another seven acts will compete to be one of the 20 acts which are going to reach in the national final.


  1. Jamie TonnaWhere was I?(Jason Paul Cassar/Mario J. Farrugia)
  2. QBefore you walk away(Paul Giordimaina/Fleur Balzan)
  3. Julie PomorskiShades of memories(Johann Schembri)
  4. Jessica MuscatHey you(Rafael Artesero)
  5. RaquelaCrossroads(Philip Vella/Gerard J. Borg)
  6. Ludwig GaleaInferno(Philip Vella/Gerard J. Borg)
  7. Kylie ColeiroLet it shine(Andrew Zahra/Joe Julian Farrugia)


The show has started and we will come straight to the first song:

1. Jamie TonnaWhere was I?

If he doesn't know where he was, who else could? The first song tonight is a typical and slightly dated ballad. Jamie obviously tries to show honest emotions, but the overall performance is rather cold. With the singer being dressed all in black and hardly any movements at all, the performance is rather forgettable and will probably be lost in the field of 56 entries.

2. QBefore you walk away

Q include of Glen Vella, Pamela, Fiona, Leontine & Luca. All of them have previously taken part in MSFE and this is their second song of Q already as they have already sung Live fo today in the second semi final. Composer Paul Giordimaina has represented Malta in the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest in Rome as a singer.

The song is a ballad similar to the previous one but with some operatic interpolations. The group has a similar aura like Swiss group six4one had in 2006 – and we all know where that ended. Despite the overly dramatical vocals and performance, they seem not to set the audience on fire and radiate the emotions this song probably needs.

3. Julie PomorskiShades of memories

Julie Pomorski has already taken part in the 2007 Maltese semi final, but did not make it to the final. This time, she enters the stage in a formerly modern outfit and presents the third ballad tonight. The vocals are a bit shaky, but overall she seems to feel at ease on stage and delivers a solid performance.

4. Jessica MuscatHey you

Jessica Muscat has already taken part in last year's semi final and she also presented the song Smoke-screen in the second semi final this year. Composer Rafael Artesero wrote the Andorran entries both in 2005 and 2006.

This is the first up-tempo song tonight. Jessica wears an eye-catching green dress that works will with this slightly crazy song which might explain her rather overacting performance. Generally, this song will probably stand out in this heat, but if it is outstanding enough to reach the top 20? Generally, some action on stage for the sake of variety is always welcome!

5. RaquelaCrossroads

Philip Vella and Gerard James Borg have already written five Maltese entries in the Eurovision Song Contest (2000, 2002, 2004, 2007, 2008).

No, she is neither covering Tracy Chapman nor Blazin' Squad, it's just the same title. Yet another ballad is presented and this is probably the most memorable one presented so far tonight. Raquela's vocals are very strong and she pours the emotions this song needs and she comes across well on screen. Maybe a dark horse in this heat, but not for the top 20.

6. Ludwig GaleaInferno

Ludwig Galea represented Malta in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest with Julie Zahra and they finished 12th in the final. He also finished 4th in the 2003 Maltese final and opened this year's first semi final with Lament. This is the second song in a row written by Vella and Borg.

The song starts as an operatic ballad, which most people have probably expected. However, during the chorus it turns more up-tempo and that does not seem to work at all. Ludwig wildly gesticulates, he is stomping and clapping and all that seems more than out-of-place on stage. With no background knowledge of the singer, this could even be seen as a comedy entry.

7. Kylie ColeiroLet it shine

This is the final song and ballad for tonight. Kylie delivers a very young and innocentperformance of this rather naïve entry. The style suits the singer well but she might face the same problems like the other singers in this heat that her ballad might get lost in the field of 56.

No results will be revealed tonight.

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