Tonight: National final in Albania

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Tonight, Albania will be the first country to openly select its entry for Moscow during the 47th edition of the Festivali i kenges. 20 acts will perform one song each and the winner will be chosen by a jury.

The show

For the 19th time, the show will take place in the Palace Of Congresses in Tirana. Tonight, the songs will again be performed by their original artists, who performed than on Friday.The show will be hosted by Elsa Lila, who won the festival in 1996 and 1997, and also hosted it last year. Julian Deda & Gentian Zenelaj, famous Albanian comedians, will help her.

The show will start at about 20:45 CET, after TVSH's newscast.

Webcast & satellite

Like in the previous two years, you can watch the show online here.

The show can be watched also through TVSH Satellite Channel on Eutelsat W2 16°E, at frequencies 12656V 4883 1/2.

You can watch the show live on Albanian television and on RTK1 in Kosovo.


  1. Group West Side FamilyJehonë (Echo)
    (Dr. Flori, Dr. Flori, Klodian Qafoku)
  2. Soni Malaj – Zona zero (Zone zero)
    (Florian Mumajesi, Florian Mumajesi, Enis Presheva)
  3. Juliana Pasha & Luiz EjlliNje jetë (A life)
    (Shpetim Saraçi, Turian Hyskaj, Shpetim Saraçi)
  4. Kujtim Prodani – Nostalgji
    (Kujtim Prodani, Kujtim Prodani, Agim Doci, Ilirjan Mihali)
  5. Emi Bogdo – Kur buzet henen e kafshojn (When the lips bite the moon)
    (Emi Bogdo, Klodian Qafoku, Leonard Bombaj, Klodian Qafoku)
  6. Erga Halilaj- Dikush mungon (Someone's missing)
    (Kristi Popa, Florion Zyko, Kristi Popa)
  7. Marjeta Billo – Era e tokës (Scent of the earth)
    (Adrian Hila, Pandi Laço, Adrian Hila)
  8. Adelina Thaci- Oret e fundit (The final hours)
    (Alfred Kacinari)
  9. Rovena Dilo & Gent BushpepaS'jam balade
    (Armend Rexhepagiqi,Aida Baraku)
  10. Dorina GaruciDite 1 jetë (Life one day)
    (Dorian Nini, Pandi Laço, Dorian Nini)
  11. Endri & Stefi PriftiTi bere faj (You made the fault)
    (Josif Minga, Skender Rusi, Adrian Hila)
  12. Kejsi Tola – Më mërr në ëndërr (Take me in your dreams)
    (Edmond Zhulali, Agim Doçi, Edmond Zhulali)
  13. Era Rusi – Shpirt i humbur (Lost soul)
    (Arsen Nasi & Bledar Skenderi, Irma Libohova, Arsen Nasi)
  14. Julian Lekocaj – Nuk Je Ti (You aren't)
    (Julian Lekocaj, Julian Lekocaj, Alfred Kacinari)
  15. Shpat Kasapi – Aromë mediterane (Mediterranean aroma)
    (Gent Myftarai, Pandi Laço, Gent Myftarai)
  16. Evis MulaUnë jam dashuria (I am love)
    (Luan Zhegu, Agim Doçi, Saimir Çili)
  17. Group Burn – Jam I Pari I Jettes Sime (I'm the first of my life)
    (Stivart Cela & Renis Gjoka, Big Basta, Gent Myftarai "Burn")
  18. Vedat Ademi – Po me prite – (You waited for me)
    (Kledi Bahiti, Alban Male, Roland Shira)
  19. Agim Poshka – Fajtor për ngrohjen globale (Guilty of global warming)
    (Agim Poshka, Olsen Maze, Agim Poshka)
  20. Besa Kokedhima – Ajer (Air)
    (Besa Kokdhima, Alban Male, Olti Curri, Alban Male)
  21. Here is a video of various performances of the winners and of other participants in the history of the Festivali I Këngës.

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