Meet Elvir Laković, Laka!

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Elvir Laković Laka was born in Gora�de, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He attended a Lower School of Music there studying guitar, but he avoided the 'solfeggio' and never followed the correct programme, as he preferred to play songs he liked himself. When he was first told the news by BHRT, Laka was quite concerned about certain things, mainly of a dietary nature as he himself states.

"They told me not to give any details about the song, but I like it. I didn't want to abandon my own style and sing some ballad with lyrics such as 'You've gone away, and I'm crying", Laka says about his song and he continues to tell the story of how the news was broken to him: "The phone rang whilst I was handwashing a pair of socks. They said 'You're through' and I asked 'Through to what?' and they said 'to Eurovision of course!' I immediately said 'Guys, I've got nothing to wear' and they said not to worry as they'd sort everything out.

"The second thing I asked them was whether I'd take my own food or eat there and they said not to worry and that I'd get everything there. They say everything is organised, and I expressed my wish to share the roast with the Estonians. But then this is not gonna happen cuz everything must be above board. I won't be allowed to eat beans cuz you don't eat bean soup at this level." he concludes.

Lakaplayed folk music in the cafes of Gora�de for money, and at concerts performed rock and roll. Laka recorded his first song Malo sam se razočar'o (I'm a little bit disappointed) in 1998. This song launched his showbiz career nationally, and every year he released a new song, among which were Vještica (Witch), Moro (Nightmare) and Piškila (You did a wee).

In 2004 Laka left for New York, but returned disappointed after two-and-a-half years and released his first album Zec (Rabbit).

Elvir Laković Laka won over the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina with his originality and lack of pretentiousness. He is said to be a singer of great feeling for new and different things.

The beginning of Laka's career is concentrated on a guitar bought for him by his father in his first year at Music Primary School. At secondary school he and some friends formed a rock band called 'Deformacija poreza'.With hisgroup he competed at local festivals, and in 1999 their song Razočaro won second place, and RTVBIH gave him an offer of recording as soon as he gained great success. The following yearthe new single Vještica just confirmed his popularity further.

In 2003 his song Moro won the Bosnia & Herzegovina Davorin music award for the best rock song of the year. The album Zec has also been released in Croatia on the Menart record label.

Elvir Laković Laka will represent Bosnia and Herzegovina at one of the two semifinals of next year's Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade.

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