Europop song award tie-break: D'Nash or Edsilia?

by Benny Royston 82 views

Throughout the last month, we have reported on the Most Traditional Europop song of the year award. The battle has been fierce, with all five songs leading at one stage. In the last two days, it became clear that one of three would win. Tonight, the polls closed and for the first time, we have an absolute tie. D'Nash and Edsilia Rombley finished level.

In order to try to separate the two songs, I love you mi vida and On top of the world, we have introduced a tie-break poll. Readers have until midnight tonight to determine whether Spain's D'Nash or the Netherland's Edsilia Rombley will walk away with the title of 'Most Traditional Europop Song of the Year'.

Sarbel from Greece had been right up there with Yassou Maria, losing out by less than 20 votes! DQ's Drama Queen for Denmark fell away from the leaders in the last week of the poll. The United Kingdom's Scooch were early pace setters with Flying the flag but fell away as the voting continued.

Most Traditional Europop Song of the Year result.

  • I love you mi vida by D'Nash of Spain 22.5 %
  • On top of the world by Edsilia Rombley of the Netherlands 22.5 %
  • Yassou Maria by Sarbel of Greece 21.4 %
  • Drama queen by DQ of Denmark 19.1 %
  • Flying the flag by Scooch of the United Kingdom 14.4 %

To refresh your memories, you can see the videos of both D'nash's I love you mi vida and Edsilia's On top of the world below. The tiebreak poll will close at midnight tonight (CET), and the result will be published as soon as the polls close.

D'nash's I love you mi vida for Spain

Edsilia's On top of the world for the Netherlands