Anael believes in herself

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Anael may be known to eurofans thanks to her participation in the Spanish preselection Misión Eurovisión 2007, as one half of the duo Ybraem. With the 2008 season already developing, Anael is set to make a second attempt and apply for a Spanish national final, should TVE call for candidates. The young Canarian singer has a powerful proposal called Yo creo en mí (I believe in me), an emotive composition referring to the music contests.

Although no details have yet been revealed by the Spanish broadcaster TVE about the way they will follow to choose Spain's representative in Belgrade 2008, several artists have already showed their interest in participating in a national final. One of them is Anael, a 25-year-old singer born in the Canary Islands who already took part earlier this year in Misión Eurovisión 2007.

Anael participated in the two categories of Misión Eurovisión: as a singer and as a songwriter. Anael and Miguel Ángel made up the duo Ybraem, that performed in the first heat, did not manage to reach the final. But the song they submitted to the competition, Una lágrima, became a true sensation and was one of the finalist songs.

Now Anael starts a new stage in her career as a solo artist, after the dissolution of Ybraem. She is currently preparing her first CD and, of course, her new Eurovision adventure. Her song is called Yo creo en mí (I believe in me), and is said to be a "beautiful song that touches your heart from the very beginning. It’s powerful, full of emotion and tender at the same time". Its lyrics speak about music contests, like Eurovision, "and how important it is to believe in yourself to see your dreams come true", says Anael.

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