Tanel Padar characther in documentary

by Sietse Bakker 409 views

“The idea of the film is to show, how the young musicians, who say no to commerce and mainstream, can still manage well in their lives”, says Tanel Padar. He was chosen as a characther to the documentary made by USA record- and filmcompany Insite. The titel will be 'Rock the Planet'.

Tanel wasn't chosen overnight. Before the trip to New York he had to send his demo tapes and video cassettes with live performances to Insite. The producer of the film DeSales Linton noticed him already 1,5 years ago in the performance in the Guitar Safari, pub in Tallinn. DeSales Linton is a well-known filmproducer. He has taken part in 124 filmfestivals and has rewarded 40 prizes, 17 of them are grand prizes. His most famous film is a well known true-life story 'Kalin's Prayer'.

Renee Meriste from Estonian Artists Agency states that he wouldn't want to speak much about the film: “It's still in the making process. In Estonia they usually make things bigger before the actual thing is going to happen”.

Meriste sayd though, that young musicians from many countries will take part of the film – Austria, Norway, France, USA, Australia, India etc. 15-20 artists in general. “It is documentary, but it also includes play elements, that it would be more interesting to watch for the people”, says Meriste,“some parts will be added”.

The main shoots will start in winter and they last till spring. It will be broadcasted all over the world. Tanel already took part of the shoots of some episodes, when he was visiting New York. Hopefully the episode, where he buys the guitar with Eric Clapton autograph, will remain in the film.

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