Denmark: Jørgen Ingmann has passed away

by Fernando Méndez 718 views

Denmark has lost its first winner in the Eurovision Song Contest. The guitarist and jazz musician Jørgen Ingmann has sadly died, aged 89.

Jørgen Ingmann Pedersen is the full name of the singer who gave Denmark its first win in the Eurovision Song Contest. The musician was born in Copenhagen on 26 April 1925. His career started in the 40s, as a jazz guitarist with the orchestras of Svend Asmussen. One of those bands was Svend Asmussen and His Unmelancholy Danes.

In the 50s, Ingmann moved on to a solo career, using the stage name of Jørgen Ingmann and His Guitar, releasing a number of recordings with many instrumental pieces.

It was in these years, in 1955, when he met Grethe Clemmensen. The she and Jørgen married the following year.

In 1961 he reached number 2 on the US Billboard with his version of the Shadows’ instrumental hit Apache.

Shortly later, in 1963, he and his wife Grethe won the Dansk MGP, competing as Grethe og Jorgen Ingmann. By winning the MGP they earned the right to represent Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest 1963 with the song Dansevise. The entry won the Contest with 42 points. This win was the first victory for the Nordic Country and the one deed for which Jørgen Ingmann is particularly renowned nowadays.

Between the 50s and the 60s Ingmann was busy with his solo career, releasing his own albums, but he also led hi own orchestra, Jørgen Ingmann’s Orkester, which backed many Danish artists of the time.

Jørgen and Grethe divorced in 1975. After that, he retired from public life. For the last years Jorgen did not wish to play or talk about music any longer, although he did continue to follow the Melodi Grand Prix.

He gave his guitars to his close friend the guitarist Laif Møller Lauridsen, who also keeps the original score of Dansevise. He communicated the passing of Jørgen Ingmann to on 22 March 2015. The artist had caught a flu which unfortunately worsened. On Saturday, his daughter Marie requested medical aid for him after the singer called her seeking help. He was found dead at home by the paramedics and Marie Ingmann.

Jørgen Ingmann was 89. He would have turned 90 next month. He is survived by his children Marie and Lars and five grandchildren. The team of wish to send their sympathy to his family and friends.

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