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The second semi final of the 46th edition of the Festival i Këngës is about to take place. A webcast will be provided, you can watch the show by following link below or listen to the radio webcast. Tonight's live coverage will be provided by Roni Klein of OGAE Albania and John Nielsen.

WEBCAST(maybe not working for some people)

RADIO WEBCAST("Radio Kosova live", works with winamp media player)

This article will be constantly updated.

During the RTSH news, it has been announced Anjeza Shahini, who represented Albania in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest, will perform one of the medleys tonight. Furthermore, it has been revealed that the draw of the running order for tonight's final will take place right after the jury has voted.

The show has started.

The show starts with Elsa Lila who performs an ethnicsong about flowers and her dress is made of flowers too. There are five ballerinas on stage dancing to the song. Pirro joins her on stage and sings the last versus of the song. Elsa welcomes the audience all around the world, on TV and on radio too. She also says that it feels already like Christmas since Albania is covered with snow. The hosts send their regards to the best known artist Vace Zela.

1. Kozma Dushi- Tatuazh ne kujtese (Tattuage in mind)

It's an up-tempo song and itappears to be very monotone at the beginning. Theis pretty nice, but probably mainly since itis an up-tempo song and therefore catchy.

2. Devis Xherahu- Endacaku (The nomad)

Now, in a white suit, Devis Xherahu comes on stage with two children. He dedicates his song to all the Albanian disapora.

He said that he is been working as a profesional singer for 12 years in Greece and has been working with famous Greek singer Lefteris Pantazis. His entry has a slow start but is now getting a bit more up-tempo. He has an interesting voice and the song has a nice twist on the instrumental part. Nevertheless, it would probably not be the right choice for the Eurovision Song Contest.

3. Blerina Shalari- Zgjohem nga heshtja (Waking up from the silence)

The singer, who is half-blind, has written the song all by herself. Belrina looks very nervous and she could probably do better since her song is very spicy and powerful.

Now it's time for the first medley. It's performed by Vikena Kamineca and Sidrit Bejleri. Pirro will sing a song called Engjell apo zjarr (Anger or fire) that of course is not on contest. Blero will obviouly not take part.

4. Voltan Prodani- Pse humbe dashurine (Why did you lose the love)

The song started with a talking part, it's a very slow entry. There are two female backup singers. Even the fairest commentator would probably say that this entry is rather boring.

Time to re-introduce the jury.

5. Ada Gurra- 30 minuta (30 minutes)

This is Ada's first time taking part in the festival.Her song is a very pleasant ballad but the voice needs to be more powerful. Ada is wearing trousers and a long black jacket, she looked elegant.

6. Agim Poshka- Kujt I them te dua (to who I tell I love you)

Agim from F.Y.R. Macedonia is on stage with a girl that goes around him preforming a pantomime, she keeps taking out of her trolley some written messages. The song is rather repetitive.

7. Greta Koci- Naten te kerkove (I looked for you in the night)

Greta Koci on stage – the audience is screaming. The song is produced by Darko Dimitrov. THe singer is wearing a traditional dress with catsuit pants, she is accompanied by three dancers to perform her athnic pop up-tempo song. It is definitely one of the favourites tonightand very well aproved by the audience that asks for an encore.

Time for the second medley, it is performed by Sherif Merdani and Luan Zhegu. Sherif Merdani was in-prisonated by the communist regime of that time after he preformed on the 11th edition of the Festivali i Kenges.

8. Olta Boka- Zemren e lame peng (We gambled the heart)

This song was produced from Adrian Hila and Pandi Laco who credits for Ledina Celos song Tomorrow I go. The singer reminds of Anjeza Shahini. Her voice is interesting and very strong, her outfit is very sweet. The audience asks her back on stage.

9. Samanta Karavello- Pse u harrua dashuria (Why the love got forgotten)

Now it's time for Samanta Karavellowho comes in ared dress… Elsa commentsSamanta looks like a piece ofcandy. It's a very slow song and the vocals are very good.

10. Mariza IkonomiMall i tretur (The disolved nostalgy)

Mariza is one of the most famous singers tonight. The entry is in a style typical for the singer and very catchy. She is wearinga white dress covered with a black veil. The audience is less enthusiastic as expected.

Now on stage a guest star – the albanian movie actress Tinka Kurti.

11. Vesa Luma – Nje nate per mua (A night for me)

Vesa is from Kosovo. She is wearing a blue dress and her song is an ethnic tune. Two male and two female dancers – all dressed in white – are on stage. It is the song so far that has the strongest Albanian ethnic tune and it is very popular with the audience. Another request for an encore.

The next medley is performed by the band Djemte e detit.

12. Jonida Maliqi- S’ka fajtor ne dashuri (There is no guilty one in love)

Jonida, who has shiny red hair, is waering a black dress. Her song is very popular with the audience which asks her back on stage.

Elsa Lila and Pirro Cako are talking about ESC and how many times Irland have won, Elsa reminded Totto Cotugno and his song Insieme.

13. Mira Konci& Redon Makashi- Nen nje qiell (Under the samesky)

This is probabaly the most anticipated song of the year as both singers have not been taking part in the festival for a few years. Mira's vocal performance is by far better than Redon's, nevertheless this is one of the entries that are very likely to win this year.

14. Kthjellu- Dhoma

Kthjellu is a band from Kosovo. Their entry is a rock song, despite the Finnish victory in 2006 Eurovision Song Contest this is still a genre that does not too well in the competition. The audience was not impressed at all.

The last medley tonight comes from Myfarete & Francesk Radi. Obviously, Anjeza Shahini has been kept for tomorrow after all.

The hosts said goodnight. The results and therefore the line-up for the final will be announced tomorrow!

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