Serebro invite: �Create the best wallpaper�

by Anna Krasilnikova 205 views

Russian girl band Serebro, who represented Russia at Eurovision Song Contest 2007 in Helsinki, announced a competition to be held for their fans. Create your own wallpapers with the girls' images and be one of the winners!

In order to participate you must:

  1. Be registered on official forum. That can be done by clicking here.
  2. All you works must be in jpg format and be within 1024х768, 1152×864, 1280×720, 1280×768, 1280×800or 1280×960 pixels.
  3. The subject of your works must be “Serebro”.
  4. You cannot use photos of the girls takenearlier than 2007.

All entries must be submitted personally from the created account. The deadline of the submission is 3rd January 2008. The winner will be determined by Serebrowho will choose thethree entries they like best.

Thefirst prize includesa CD signed by the band, a t-shirt, a cap and 3 bracelets with Serebro logo. The secondprize includes a CD signed by the band, a cap and 2 bracelets with Serebro logo and thethird prize includes a CD signed by the band and a cap with the Serebro logo.

Serebro finished 3rd in the final of the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest with Song #1.