Live: the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007!

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The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007 is about to take place. You can watch the webcast on by following the link below.

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007 is about to take place. You can watch the webcast on by following the link below.


This article will be constantly updated.

The show has satarted! At the beginning, we are introduced to the main theme of the evening: Water. You can enjoy the performance of One world by all participants. A very nice opening! The countries' performersenter the stage one after another and are introduced individually… we haven't seen this in the adult competition since 1983!Interestingoutfits the hosts are wearing.

The lines will be opened as soon as the first song starts to be performed.

1. Georgia: Mari Romelashvili – Odelia Ranuni

The singer and her background dancers are dressed all in red and white – the country's colours. The choreography looks very professional and the song is undeniably catchy. A good opening act for the 2007 Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

2. Belgium: Trust – Anders

The song of Belgium is very authentic for the age the performers are of. The vocals are very good while the performance is simple bit effective. The outfits are very 1980s- a surprising choice for a Junior competition.

3. Armenia: Arevik – Erazanq

Well, it's hard to understand why the girls of Arevik are wearing these military-like marine outfits. The vocals are very good and the performance is energetic. One of the favourites tonight according to the web polls.

4. Cyprus: Yiorgos Ioannides – I musiki dini ftera

The performers are all dressed in black, blue and silver. It's a song with a disco beat while the performance is more hip-hop inspired. The vocals are less impressive than those of the first three performers but still good regarding the age of the performer.

5. Portugal: Jorge Leiria – Só quero é cantar

It's the first ballad of the evening. Jorge seems to play the role of a sad clown (maybe because of the rather strange outfit?) and the whole performance seems not to work too well for his age. The song has no obvious hook but is still kind of catchy.

6. Russia: Alexandra Golovchenko – Otlichnitsa

No need telling that the song is very similar to lasat year's winner. At least the red-white strawberry dress from the national final has been changed… Alexandra is wearing a suit of black velvet with a ruffeled white blouse. There is some break dancing in the backgorund and the overall performance is very entertaining. Very good vocals again!

7. Romania: 4Kids – Sha la la

Red and white again! The versus of the song is hip-hop inspired while the hookline reminds of the song Mandoline from the 2006 Slovenian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest. The performance is very professional and the four kids seem to try to look older than they actually are (which is, of course, unnecessary, since it's a Junior contest).

8. Bulgaria: BonBon – Bonboladiya

The main coulours on stage are blayk, grey and beige which is a surprise as most people have probably expected something more collourful from the land of candy. This is really a song made for children and therefore it fits very well in the competition.

9. Serbia: Nevena Bo�ović – Piši mi

One of the favourites tonight and definitely one thatcould also be in the actual Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Nevena looks like a 1950s French Chansonnierwith her hat and her coat. The performance includes two fairies in the background and is very professional and so are the vocals.

10. Netherlands: Lisa, Amy & Shelly – Adem in, adem uit

The biggest applause so far tells us that it's time for the host country to perform. A catchy up-tempo song, children will definitely like this one. The performance is ok, but not the best one so far.

11. F.Y.R. Macedonia: Rosica Kulakova & Dimitar Stojmenovski – Ding ding dong

A very modern song! The main colours are black and red and the performance is very professional even if a bit chaotic. F.Y.R. Macedonia came last in 2006 but they probably can expect a better result tonight.

There is a short video with highlights of five years of Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

12. Ukraine: Ilona Halytska- Urok hlamuru

A roleplay: Ilona is the teacher (a strict one according to her glasses!) and her backgorund dancers are her pupils. The performance is very energetic but partly somehow over-the-top. Nervertheless very entertaining.

13. Sweden: Frida Sandén – Nu eller aldrig

Frida's sister Molly has achieved Sweden's best result so far last year. The performance is very professional and the song is catchy… this could have been in the adult contest. But why are the outifts so 1980s again?

14. Malta: Cute – Music

The only song in English tonight comes from Malta, a country that hasn't done very well in recent years. The outfits are in blue, yellow and orange. The whole performance is a bit synthetic and doesn't make thehookline I love todance,I love to sing seem very believable.

15. Greece: Made in Greece – Kapou mperdeftika

The five girls are dressed in white wedding gowns (are children allowed to get married in Greece?). Well, these dresses are torn down to turn the the singers in a real rock band. The song is an up-tempo song with a very long bridge part.

16. Lithuania: Lina Jurevičiūtė – Kai miestas snaud�ia

The last debuting country tonight is Lithunia. This song is hip-hop for children and it works very well on stage. A smooth, professional but still authentic performance.

17. Belarus: Alexey Zhigalkovich – S druzyami

The 2005 winning country presents a smooth pop song. The performance is full-blown and looks very good on stage. There is some artistic dancing, a stylistic device often used in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

There is a recap of all 17 songs tonight. The singers tell the televoters to call because the money will be donated to Unicef.

Katie Melua now performs the first interval act. She sings one of the songs from her latest album Pictures.

The lines are closed! Now you can enjoy a performance by Ch!pz. Something military again… interesting since it's a Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Finally, it's time for the voting!

Two countries voted, Armenia in the lead.

We're half way through and Armenia is still on top, F.Y.R. Macedonia second.

Two countries to go!

Belarus in the lead now!

Belarus won with 137 points, just one point ahead of Armenia!


  1. 137 Belarus
  2. 136 Armenia
  3. 120 Serbia
  4. 116 Georgia
  5. 111 FYR Macedonia
  6. 105 Russia
  7. 86 Bulgaria
  8. 83 Sweden
  9. 56 Ukraine
  10. 54 Romania
  11. 39 Netherlands
  12. 37 Malta
  13. 33 Lithuania
  14. 29 Cyprus
  15. 19 Belgium
  16. 15 Portugal
  17. 14 Greece
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