Norway: Melodi Grand Prix running order

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The Norwegian broadcaster NRK has revealed the order in which its candidates will be singing on 14 March in the national final which will decide who of the eleven competing artists shall fly to Vienna to represent the Nordic country.

The entries in the final of the Norwegian MGP have been allocated their position in the running order for the final on Saturday 14 March. The list has been unveiled and so has the reason behind this order…
As published by NRK, the contending songs will be seen in this order:

  1. Erlend BratlandThunderstruck
  2. RayleeLouder
  3. Tor & BettanAll over the world
  4. Jenny LangloNext to you
  5. Ira Konstantinidis We don’t worry
  6. Contrazt Heaven
  7. Marie KlåpbakkenTa meg tilbake
  8. Staysman & LazzEn godt stekt pizza
  9. Mørland & Bedra ScarlettA monster like me
  10. Alexandra JonerCinderella
  11. Karin ParkHuman beings

This was not the result of a draw. The MGP Project Manager Stian Malme explained that this order is intended to maximize the chances of the songs to shine. We do not two songs to kill each other, he further explained. This is about making the final as varied as possible. Two songs with pyrotechnics together do not have the same effect.

The Orchestra will play in six songs

As announced previously, for the 60th Eurovision Song Contest the NRK wants to make something special, and the Kringskastingsorkesteret will feature in the MGP on Saturday. The singers and songwriters were given the choice to have the orchestra or not for their entries.

We think that the orchestra can complete the songs and add some magic, added Malme.

The artists that have chosen to work with the orchestra are Erlend Bratland, Tor & Bettan, Marie Klåpbakken, Staysman & Lazz, Mørland & Debrah Scarlet and Alexandra Joner.

The Melodi Grand Prix is the Norwegian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. This year it will be held at the Oslo Sprektrum, host by SiLyA Nimoen and Kare Magnus.

In the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 norway was represented by Carl Espen with Silent Storm after the victory of the entry in the MGP.

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