Iceland: New band and new single

by Robin Scott 259 views

Iceland definitely is a country of performers as a new band has been established.

It’s name is Rok but that doesn’t translate to the style of music!

The story behind this new release is that the composer of Minn hinsti dans, which Paul Oskar sang at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1997, and the singer of Is it true?, which came second when the show was held in the Russian capital of Moscow in 2009, have come together in musical union.

They are Tausti Haraldsson and Jóhanna Guðrún Jónsdóttir [Yohanna]. Also in the mix is Gudni Thor Thorsteinsson who Trausti met at a concert of the band Kvika. Kvika have been nominated in Iceland’s Rookie of the Year award category. Tausti and Gudni have written 30 demos and, out of that selection, the song Find a better man was the first that they wrote.

Another track from the Trausti’s catalogue for Paul Oskar is La dolce vita. This was part of a creation called Þjóðhátíðarnefnd which is a celebration of music.

It’s been two years since Yohanna has released a song and many will have been looking forward this.

This single  is a mid tempo ballad and a duet which tells the story of honesty and realism in relationships. It’s a song that get into your soul from the first few bars. Many have said that it’s haunting and hard to stop playing.

The video is simple but that is all that’s needed to draw you in.

It’s available in iTunes here and on spotify.

Stay tuned to for further news in Icelandic artists with a history in the Eurovision Song Contest