Romania: Meet the Romanian hopefuls

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De la capăt

Voltaj (which translates to Voltage in English) are a Romanian Pop Rock band. Although they have been together since 1982, they didn’t release their first album until 1996, which was entitled Pericol de Moarte (Risk of Death). At that point in their career they had a heavy metal/rock sound, but over the years developed into more of an electronic pop/rock sound.

The band have had many line up changes over the years, but the current band consists of Calin Goia (vocals), Gabi “Porcus” Constantin (guitar), Adrian M. Cristescu (keyboards), Valeriu ‘Prunus’ Ionescu (bass) and Oliver Sterian (drums). The last album they released was in 2012 and was called Da vina pe Voltaj (Blame Voltage).

The band are ambassadors for the charity World Vision and support Habitat for Humanity Romania, and are using their song and entry into raise money and awareness of the issues of child poverty in Romania, if they make it to Vienna they are also hoping to bring a positive message from the people of Romania.

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