Malta: A whole new Warrior on 9 March

by Luke Borg 535 views

Back in November, Malta was the second country to select its song for Eurovision 2015, but Warrior as we heard it then is not the Warrior we’ll hear in Vienna…

Since then, thanks to the team behind Warrior, the song went through a transformation to make it more powerful so Amber will conquer in May. The revamped version along with the music video, will be launched on Monday 9 March 2015 at 16:00 CET at PBS Creativity Hub and shortly after online.

The filming of the music video took place in a 400 year old abandoned house in Rabat. The parts filmed, which you can see pictures of below, consisted of musicians who have their faces covered.

The video will not include a story line as Amber will be the main subject of the video.

Malta will compete in the first part of the second semi-final on Thursday 21 May 2015.

Stay tuned to for the latest news from Malta and the Eurovision Song Contest 2015.