Israel getting into the JESC spirit

by Itamar Barak 626 views

According to Israeli news web site, IBA will be getting into the Junior Eurovision Song Contest spirit, eventhough Israel will not be participating in the 2007 contest itself. The upcoming edition will be broadcasted live, in addition to a rerun of the previous two.

According to this report, IBAis contemplating on the possibility to take part in the 2008 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Cyprus. In order to make the Israeli audience more acquainted with this song contest, IBA will broadcast the upcoming edition, live from the Netherlands. In addition, two previous Junior contests will also be broadcasted on IBA soon: the 2005 contest, which was held in Belgium, will be broadcasted on December 7th. A day later, the 2006 edition in Romania will also be broadcasted on IBA. According to IBA's statement, the decision, whether or not to participate in 2008, will be made in light of the public's reactions and viewing figures of these broadcasts.