Sweden: The Marie & Sanne Interview

by Gil Laufer 392 views

Marie Bergman (Melodifestivalen Winner 1971, 1972, 1994) and Sanne Salomonsen (Melodifestivalen Finalist 2005) will sing their song Nonetheless, written by Andreas Stone Johansson and Allison Kaplan, on the second semifinal of Melodifestivalen 2015. We have met the two veteran ladies for a small talk about the past, the current Melodifestivalen participation, and the future!

Where did this collaboration came from?

“This idea comes from Christer Björkman himself! He was the one who listened to the song and got the idea of the two of us doing it together. It is all thanks to him!”

For the readers who aren’t so familiar with you outside the world of Eurovision, please tell us about your latest work.

Sanne: “Last year I went on an intimate and acoustic tour which ended up with an album called Hjem 2014, where we captured the closeness of the tour. It’s a collection of my favorite songs from the past 30 years I’ve been in the business.”

Marie: “Funny enough, I, too, released an album with my favorite songs last year, in acoustic new clothes: it’s called Den mänskliga faktorn. So last year for me was mostly about touring, some TV shows and of course my Voice Tuning Sessions.”

Please describe your song, Nonetheless.

“It’s an intimate and storytelling song with much heart and with focus on the voices. Like velvet and rust.”

Marie, you have won Melodifestivalen every time you participated!

“Yes, but that’s history now! Each year is a different story, and this year I will be on stage with Sanne, who I’ve never collaborated with like this before. It’s an experience I truly look forward to!”

Sanne, it seems that the media in Denmark was a bit shocked when you decided to take part in the Swedish selection again. Have you thought about participating in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix? If not, why?

“I have been asked, but unfortunately my work schedule has never permitted me.”

How you find this year’s Melodifestivalen different than your previous Melodifestivalen experiences?

“This collaboration! We are so thrilled to be working together!”

What are your expectations from your participation?

“We’re in it for the love of the song and The Voice. I love Sanne’s voice and together with mine it is an amazing blend. It’s all about having fun!”

What do you think that is need to be done in order to let the popularity and glamour of Melodifestivalen and Eurovision stay and not fade away?

“Just remember that it all comes down to the love of music. And keep the party going on!”


The second semifinal of Melodifestivalen 2015 will be held tomorrow and will be broadcasted live at 20:00 CET from the Malmö Arena, where out of seven acts, two will qualify directly to the final and another two will go to the “second chance” round.