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Julie Bjerre. 16 years old. Experienced in music competitions and Dansk MGP 2015 participant. A young smiling face received one day before the Danish national final for a few questions at the Gigantium in Aalborg.

Tæt på mine drømme tranlates Close to my dreams. Is Dansk MGP a dream for you?

It is, actually. I’ve seen MGP since I was a little girl. I’always dreamed about being in the one for kids, and now I’m going to be at the adults one! It is a dream come true.

We see more and more songs in English lately (in Eurovision), but your song is in Danish. Is there a particular reason for it?

When I was presented the song it was in Danish. I don’t think it was just really in the plans to sing it in that language in the MGP, but it is so Danish 80s pop that it’s amazing how it just fits into the Danish language… I believe it would be good in English too, if we’re lucky enough to win the MGP and go to Eurovision… But let’s see how it goes…

The team behind Tæt på mine drømme is a winning one, as some of the authors were involved in New tomorrow (Denmark 2011) and Only teardrops (winner for Denmark in 2013). That’s quite big. Is it encouraging for a victory or a huge responsibility? What are your feelings about that?

Well there are some expectations I have to live up to, but the team is very supportive. They keep telling me that everything’s OK, that I don’t have to be afraid of failure and that I just have to go my own way.

Should you go to Vienna, you’ve did say something about the song in English… What would be your language preference, should you win the MGP and go to the Eurovision Song Contest?

Actually, I don’t know. If we do win I think that we’d translate the song to English and see how it sounds, compare, decide what works best, and then choose the language.

Thank you very much for your time and your answers, Julie, good luck and let’s see if we can ask you more questions in Vienna!

Thank you!


Julie Bjerre will compete for the ticket to the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in the Danish national final on 7 February with Tæt på mine drømme.

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