Watch now: Cyprus decides for Vienna

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The Cypriot broadcaster CyBC will broadcast live tonight the final gala of the Eurovision Song Project. The national selection concludes today with the final decision: who will represent Cyprus in Vienna at the 60th Eurovision Song Contest.

60 acts aspired to go to the 60th Eurovision Song Contest for Cyprus. A series of auditions and two Eurochallenges later, only one tenth of the initial 60 stand in the struggle for the ticket to Austria. It is among those 6 that the jury and the Cypriot audience will have to select their act for Vienna.

About the show

The audience has been voting since the beginning of the ongoing week for their favorite bid.

Tonight, the jury will listen for one last time to the finalists in order to fully equip themselves for their final vote.

The combination of the audience and the jury votes will determine the winner of the Cypriot Eurovision Song Project, and that will be the performer who will fly the country’s flag in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.

The judges of the jury will be again Alex Panayi (Eurovision 1995 and 2000 for Cyprus), Tasos Tryfonos, Despina Olympiou (the Cypriot representative in 2013), Elena Patroklou and Bruno Berberes.

Antri Kerantoni will host the final gala of the Eurovision Song Project.

The finalists of the Cypriot national selection were determined in the 2nd Eurochallenge and they will perform tonight live:

  • Minus OneShine
  • Nearchos Evangelou & Charis SavvaDeila den agapo
  • HovigStone in a river
  • DoodyMagic
  • Panagiotis KoufogiannisWithout your love
  • Giannis KaragiannisOne thing I should have done

You can learn more about them here.

How to watch

[alert-info]From 21:30 local time (20:30 CET) the Eurovision Song Project final will be broadcast on:


Discussion about the final will be ongoing on Twitter. You can enter it with the hashtag #eurovisionCY.


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The story so far

Cyprus debuted in Cyprus in 1981. The first winner for the country could be among the six finalists tonight, as the country has not gotten a first place yet. A fifth position has been the best result so far, reached by Anna Vissi in 1982, Hara & Andreas Konstantinou in 1997 and Lisa Andreas in 2004.

Who will win tonight? Watch it live, or read it at as soon as the news is out!