Eurovision 2015: The (statistical) Semi-finals result!

by Gil Laufer 296 views

Earlier today, the participating countries were allocated to the two semifinals, and many fans ask themselves if the mix of countries is good for their country. Just as last year, we are here to give you the answer!


The target of the research is to show the possible voting in the 2015 semifinals depending on the voting in the semi-finals 2008-2014. We have calculated the votes given by each country in its own semifinal (2008-2014) to the countries in its 2015 semifinal. The country that got the highest average of points during the seven years, was marked as the one who will get 12 points in 2015. The second highest amount was marked as the 10-pointer, and so on.


The outcome this year is very tight, as only three points separate between places 8-12 in Semifinal 1, two points between places 1-3 and one point between places 10-12 in Semifinal 2.

A similar result was seen in 2011 and 2012 when the difference between places 10 to 12 was between zero and two points.

Check out the full voting breakdown by country here 

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