Five singers to hospital after stage accident

by Sietse Bakker 170 views

Five participants of the Spanish selection, Operación Triunfo, were admited to hospital after they were involved in an accident on stage during the rehearsals.

During the last rehearsals for the gala show, one of the stairs collapsed and five participants were injured. To ensure there was no serious damage they were brought to the hospital, where doctors concluded there was no serious damage. The jury decided to move this gala to next wednesday when one of the singers will have to leave the academy.

Most of them only suffered bruises and backache; Tessa and Vega had to use an orthopedic collar and Nandez had his arm put in plaster. Only Nika is still at the hospital, where she will stay for the next 24 hours being observed by doctors, because she hit her head. During the programme tonight there was a live connection with the hospital.

Because of the accident Mariah Carey, Juanes, David Bisbal, Chenoa and Manu Tenorio sung at the programme.

Recently one of the participants, Enrique Anaut, was brought to the hospital after health problems. He recovered completely.

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