Yardena Arazi bursts back

by Benny Royston 128 views

Yardena Arazi, one of the most famous Israeli vocalists and 1979 Eurovision Song Contest host, is returning to the music scene after a twelve year recording break. The singer, twice a representative for Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest, her first new recording album for 12 years, including new version of her smash hit song Od Nagia, the song that she took to third place at the Kdam Israeli national final of 1985.

The popular singer represented Israel as part of the girl group trio Shokolad Menta Mastik in 1976 with Emor Shalom (Say hello). After the group disbanded, Arazi participated in the Kdam Eurovision, Israel’s pre-selection contest, in 1982 with Musica Nisherret (2nd place), 1983 with Shiru Shir Amen, (nd place), and in 1985 with Od Nagia (3rd place).

She co-hosted the 1987 Kdam. In 1988, the IBA chose Arazi internally to represent Israel, and had her participate in a private Kdam in which Israeli TV viewers chose the song Ben-Adam (Son of Man). The song placed seventh at the Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin.

She maintains an interest in the Eurovision Song Contest to this day and was on the IBA panel that selected Teapacks to represent Israel at this year's event.