Céline Dion leaves for Las Vegas on Monday

by Rianne Raeven 68 views

The Flemish commercial broadcaster VTM announced that Céline Dion will leave Belgium after hardly three weeks. A private performance in Las Vegas is said to be the reason for her departure.

For Céline, her husband and their son it was planned to move in their luxurious, monumental villa in the small village Bousval for eight weeks to prepare her show A new day, which will run for a few years in Las Vegas' Ceasar's Palace.

Especially the residents of Bousval are surprised by her departure. They don't understand why she spent so much money on the house if she was going to leave after three weeks anyway. About EUR 400,000 were spent on the house, particulary for security.

This weekend Céline Dion is performing in a television show in Germany. After a short pit-stop in Bousval, they will pass through to Las Vegas.

It's not clear if Céline Dion has rehearsed enough for her new show A new day.