Spain: Eurovision stars in search for The Hit

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The Spanish broadcaster RTVE will start next year with its already announced new show Hit-La Canción. Renowned artists will participate in the competition that will seek for the next great success in Spanish music and which, according to the article on, might also be the way to select the Spanish song for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.

On 2 January 2015 Hit-La Canción will initiate its course in the Spanish television. The program will be broadcast by RTVE, and it will be hosted by the presenter Jaime Cantizano.

The premise of the competition is to award the labor of the Spanish composers as well as look for a new hit. There will be a first stage consisting of five galas. Each one of them will see two famous Spanish singers performing songs that have been written by the participating composers. The artists will select the tracks they prefer and they can even make modifications to the original composition before the performance, adding up to the surprise and the expectations of the writers.

Also, during these first galas the audience will have the chance to listen to the composers’ visions and the messages contained in their songs.

The sixth show will have the ten performers singing the song they consider to be the best. The audience will decide which one becomes the Hit.

As the Spanish online newspaper published, Hit-La Canción could serve as the selection for the song that would represent Spain in May in Vienna.

The artists

Hit-La Canción has quite a few past Spanish Eurovision entrants and candidates of the country’s national selections. The pairings for the first five competitions is as follows:

Rosa López (Eurovision 2002)-Auryn (Destino Eurovisión 2011)

David Bustamante (Eurovision 2002)-Mojinos Escozíos

Marta SánchezAntonio Carmona

MelendiPastora Soler (Eurovision 2012)

Sergio Dalma (Eurovision 1991)-Vanessa Martín

All of them have an extended music career in Spain and abroad.

Pastora Soler had committed herself to feature in Hit-La Canción and despite her announcement of a break in her public appearances, RTVE confirmed that she will participate in the show.

It shall be quite an interesting pairing when Bustamante and Mojinos Escozíos will meet, given the different styles that David and the band cultivate.

During the presentation of the show, Rosa expressed how close she felt to the competing composers because she felt the same years ago, also in TVE.

Bustamante believes that Hit-La canción is special and different, it goes to the core. You show your feelings to everyone.

The composers

40 composers have been selected for the competition, 8 for each of the first galas, and among them there are nurses, business people, football players, experienced composers and newcomers.

The composers will have a role in the selection of the songs by the artists, too, as they will have the opportunity to meet with them and convince and entice them into choosing their proposals.

The competitions

At each of the first five galas, each singer will have the opportunity to choose from a set of four songs. But both will have to choose from the same set of four, so if both of them happened to be considering the same song they shall decide fast, before the other blocks that same song.

A second round with four more songs will have the same structure, and a second song will be chosen by each artist.

But at the end of the gala, each artist will have chosen on single entry form the two initially picked, and that is the one that he or she will be defending at the final show.

All in all, quite a thrilling format with the suspense maintained all along the show and up until the very end for the composers and the audience.

Don’t stop checking for more news on Spain and the Eurovision Song Contest.

Good luck to all the participants!

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