Sweden: Monopoly boardgame gets an ABBA version

by Robin Scott 1,483 views

Are you a Monopoly fan? Are you an ABBA fan? Maybe you are both. If so the ideal Christmas present has been made for you. On 15 December a special edition of this ever popular board game will be on the market.

The concept is the same as for the regular board game, which has been available since the 1930s, but the twist is that everything is connected to the Swedish group that won the 1974 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton.

Euan Stretch of mirror.co.uk explains that:

Instead of buying streets like players do in classic Monopoly, ABBA-lovers buy single records. Whilst playing the game people will also buy recording studios instead of real estate.

The playing pieces include a telephone, star shaped guitar, platform boot, vinyl record, and a money bag.

Here are samples of the cards

You can buy the board game by going to the official ABBA website and clicking here.

Relive ABBA’s win singing Waterloo in 1974

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