Switzerland: Deborah Bough to open for Patty Pravo

by Fiona Galliford 314 views

Following her success at Switzerland’s Expert Check show last Sunday (7 December 2014), Deborah Bough has been announced as the opening act for the legendary Italian singer Patty Pravo’s Lugano concert date today (14 December 2014).

RSI (Radiotelevisione Svizzera) representative Deborah was one of six qualifiers from the Expert Check, and proceeds to Die Große Entscheidungsshow on Saturday 31st January 2015.  Taking place at Kreuzlingen’s Bodensee Arena, the show will determine Switzerland’s next entrant at the Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place in Vienna next May.

Watch Deborah perform here:

More information about the other qualifiers can be found here. One of the most successful Italian female vocalists, Patty Pravo’s career has spanned more than four decades.  Check out her official website www.pattypravo.net and listen to a couple of her most famous songs below:

Ticket information can be found here:

Switzerland debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest of 1956, and has made fifty-five appearances to date.  Winning twice, with Lys Assia (1956) and Céline Dion (1988), Switzerland was last represented by Sebalter, who took Hunter of Stars to thirteenth place at the Grand Final of the 2014 competition, with a total of sixty-four points.


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